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In 1987 the partnership between the Abbott brothers and SAAB GB, began with a Classic 900 Turbo 8-Valve, built for the Mobil1 SAAB Turbo Challenge. This model provided a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts that make a SAAB.

The first car was so successful that in 1988 a second Classic 900 Turbo was built and raced, and as with its predecessor it proved very successful - this was the car that placed the essential SAAB elements in the hearts of those at Abbott Racing Motorsport.

The Classic 900's unique slanted Turbocharged engine and sure-footed front wheel drive chassis worked very well and both the cars remained successful throughout their period of competition. A championship win in 1988 proved just how successful these cars were.

Still to this day the distinctive burble of a Classic 900 exhaust brings out smiles from our workshop staff, but from the Classic 900 it was onwards and upwards. 

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