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Engaged in classical tuning and refinement of BMW automobiles.

MK-Motorsport is closely connected with motor racing enthusiasm of the director of the company Michael Krankenberg. 29 years' experience in motor racing, including his victory in the Group B Racing in "24-hour Le Mans 1986", successful participation in the Sports Car World Championships in 1983-1986 and in the spectacular German Racing Championships of 1978 and 1979. In 1986 Michael Krankenberg finished his own racing driver career for the moment, therefore MK-Motorsport took part as a "team". 3 rd overall in 24-hour race Nurburgring over 200 vehicles, the only victory of a private team over the company teams of BMW, Mercedes, Opel and Ford in the German Touring Championship. In 1992 it was the most successful team in the German Touring Car Trophy till 2,500 ccm. Since 1991 Michael Krankenberg has been active as a driver again. To date he has got 21 first places in sprint and long-distance racing.

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